What's Next for the L1: Part 3 The Future and how is benefits You

March 13, 2023

Learn how cleaning up the Divi Blockchain code is benefitting you and will continue to do so

In the last two blog posts, we discussed the principles of clean code and how it improves our ability to maintain our code and provide useful and unique feature sets that will only be available to our blockchain. This post is about more immediate matters, and how upcoming changes will affect you as a user.

Divi Labs has matured as a company and can sustain itself with decaying levels of grant revenue going forward. Thus, funds should increasingly become available for other people to build with Divi. To wit, as mentioned, the Divi DAO will evolve starting as a self-funded organization, but will increasingly become the governing layer for how available funds, passed from Foundation to the treasury, get spent.

Below is our plan going forward...

Masternodes & Staking Vaults

To implement new features, make the core more robust, and improve costs on the back end, both the mobile and desktop wallets will eventually offer only Staking Vaults, moving forward from masternodes and wishing them a farewell. Both Vaults and masternodes will be available in both wallets until that day. After that day, you can expect the same APY for staking you were getting before. Rewards will be bigger (the combination of staking and masternode rewards),

Wait, you are getting rid of masternodes? I love my masternode!

I hope the background and discussion of clean code help you to understand this move. Masternodes are old tech and are not serving their intended purpose for us. In their current state, they weaken our network as they make it run in a shared consensus topography. We are moving to a more robust and secure technology: Validator nodes, which can be run in many ways, with Staking Vaults being the most secure. You are getting a far superior node: a Validator Vault, the technology we refer to as ‘Vaults’. You will be moving to a technology that will be even more hands-off, more robust. Vaults will congeal our dedication to “Crypto made Easy” by reducing the choices available to the superior solution for our blockchain.


Since the block time will be unaltered, and masternodes will not exist anymore, the Divi Staker will see rewards less often, but they will be almost double in size. We realize that receiving rewards even less often is not an improvement for some people, especially those with smaller amounts of funds. However, as detailed previously, the overall benefits require this move. So, two alternatives are to use DiviGo, a WhatsApp-based, pooled custodial staking solution, or participate in Divi DeFi, where you can get rewards from fees and the Staking Farm.


We really don’t want to just shut people off. Both services will be available until the end of masternodes. It will be a strange time, granted. You will be able to start new masternodes even with the knowledge that they are ending. Feel free to discuss possible strategies and benefits by acting one way or another in the remaining time on Discord. Expect some community games and achievement awards in the run-up to the sunset of masternodes.

Until then, we can expect the price of new masternodes to rise and the addition of the Vaulting service to the desktop. The pricing model will be as follows:

  1. Increasing the cost of all newly currently deployed masternodes on the monthly plan.
  1. Bringing “tiered” Staking Vaults to Desktop (pricing $19-99 USD respectively)
Vault Tiers

The order of events and milestones you will see will be as follows:

  1. Price changes for masternodes on desktop and mobile
  2. Vaulting services added to the desktop
  3. Some events and games around vaults and masternodes
  4. Masternode Migration

You can still use Divi Desktop to run a full node and stake for free if you maintain 100% uptime on your internet connection. You can also stake on DiviGo. You can also stake on the Divi DeFi platform.

For users with long-term subscriptions, we will be reaching out directly, and you will not lose the value of your subscription.

The ecosystem is undergoing a transition towards a more pure Proof of Work/Proof of Stake protocol. This shift values work above all else, which will lead to better scalability and reliability as we embrace a more interoperable philosophy. This transition will occur over the next few months, with the transition date being announced one month prior.

We expect this process to span over the next few months. We will announce a sunset date one month before it happens.

What should users do now?

There is nothing to do imminently. Consider launching a Vault on the desktop when it becomes available and adding funds to it. Cross the Ethereum bridge with some funds and engage in the DeFi world. When we announce the sunset date, feel free to engage in activities that we introduce. You will want your funds staking somewhere be it in Vaults, DiviGo, Divi Defi, or your desktop hot wallet.

If you are still determining which steps to take next, reach out to our support team, who are available 24/7.

Our Promise Going Forward

This new era will introduce huge improvements across the entire Divi ecosystem, the core, the wallets, the back-end infrastructure, the DAO, DeFi, Foundation support, and so on. However, it will also begin a new approach to Divi’s communication with the community and the public. We start this change with these three posts. Instead of just announcing we are making a change, we are trying to give the entire background for why the change is better, and how it is possible. We will be in a transition phase to find the best setup for communication and have most of the points approached during the blog post supported by more detailed communication.

Until we have a good set of procedures and tools, you have three great ways to provide input and interact. The first is through Discord. Please encourage each other to learn and discuss what we are doing, and what the perceived outcomes of these changes are. We do read it, we do share important comments there. The second way to interact will be the upcoming Divi Dao. And finally, we have this form linked below. We will read the suggestions made there. And they won’t get lost in the discord either.


I hope you found this post interesting, informative, and enjoyable. Thanks for reading it.

** These posts were built with tremendous help from members of the tech team, the marketing team, and Nick Saponaro