Divi Website Redesign and Update

June 17, 2024

New DAO Proposal

We are excited to propose a significant step forward in enhancing our online presence through a comprehensive website redesign and update. This proposal aims to bring our website up to par with industry standards, ensuring it is attractive and reflects the innovative and forward-thinking nature of our project.

Why a Website Redesign?

The current Divi website is rich in information but falls short in terms of visual appeal and user experience. In today’s digital landscape, a website serves as the front door to any organization. For Divi, it’s not just about looking good; it’s about creating an inviting, informative, and engaging platform for current and prospective users. An updated website will better highlight our strengths, showcase our future plans, and provide an optimal user experience.

Goals of the Redesign

The primary goal of the website redesign is to create an attractive and functional site that effectively communicates Divi’s mission and capabilities. By doing so, we aim to:

What the Redesign Entails

The proposal outlines a complete refresh of the Divi website. This includes a unique design and new visual assets that will make the site more visually appealing and easier to navigate. The redesign process is expected to take approximately six to eight weeks from the time funds are collected.

Key components of the redesign include:

> Draft model can be seen here (Stars are there as a placeholder for design assets and pictures)

Budget and Funding

After contacting multiple agencies, we were able to secure an offer for the with the above conditions for a total budget for the website redesign of $5,000. 

This investment will cover the costs for a professional agency for the complete redesign, ensuring a high- end product. Given the importance of a strong online presence, this expenditure is seen as a critical step in advancing Divi’s outreach and engagement efforts.

Benefits to the Divi Community

An updated website is more than just a visual upgrade; it’s a strategic move to improve our exposure and attract new users. A modern, user-friendly website will:

Next Steps

Upon funding, the website redesign project will commence with an estimated completion timeline of six to eight weeks. We invite all community members to support this initiative, recognizing the significant impact a modernized website will have on our project’s visibility and growth.

Call to Action

We encourage everyone to participate in this exciting phase of Divi’s journey. Contributions can be made through the ongoing DAO initiatives on the Divi DAO Efforts platform. For any questions or feedback, please tag @niegz in our Discord channel.

This website redesign proposal represents a crucial investment in Divi’s future, aiming to enhance our digital footprint and better serve our community. Join us in supporting this initiative and helping Divi achieve new heights of success and recognition in the blockchain space.

Learn more about Divi and get involved by visiting our Divi DAO Efforts page.