Divi Desktop Vaults Release

June 23, 2023

Learn about our newly upgraded Desktop Staking Vaults in our first step towards Divi 3.0; Crypto Utility Made Easy. In this article, we look at all the benefits and a simple step-by-step guide process to migrate your Masternodes.

We are excited to announce the first step of the Divi Desktop Application team's journey towards Divi 3.0: Staking Vaults (Validator Vaults) - a revolutionary improvement staking, and a leap towards Divi 3.0 utility. Divi 3.0 will focus on sovereignty, seamless crypto experiences, inter-blockchain flexibility, Divi Special Smart Contracts, and more. We are dedicated to advancing to new levels of utility, and this release marks a significant leap toward realizing our vision of Crypto Utility Made Easy.

Masternodes have played a pivotal role in Divi's journey, but we recognize the need for enhanced capacity, robustness, and stability. Vaults represent the next stage of progress, serving as archival and anchored peers and robust active validators (staking). This shift signifies the purification and advancement of the blockchain's state of finality and work, building upon Divi's core principles and fostering greater flexibility within the Divi Blockchain and community.

By upgrading to Divi Desktop and participating in Staking Vaults protocol, you position yourself for the journey to Divi 3.0. You will have the opportunity to participate in new features, drive progress, and contribute to the utility of the robust and resilient open blockchain. As Masternodes transitions into Vaults, the blockchain's capacity to adapt and expand is significantly enhanced. Vaults represent a superior form of work, encompassing staking at its minimum and encompassing all future incentivized work at its maximum.

Divi Desktop 2.0 brings several enhancements to elevate your crypto experience. It introduces a first iteration of a dedicated Vaults tab, integration with Stripe and PayPal for convenient subscription management, and enhanced allocation within Vaults for optimized staking and coinage. The new MOCCI deployment process streamlines the user experience, and it is tied to the updated Divi Daemon Core 2.14. These improvements, combined with Validator Vaults and Staking Evolution, pave the way toward Divi 3.0 and beyond.

We encourage active participation and engagement within the Divi community as we continue this journey. Together, we will shape a future where crypto utility is made easy, empowering individuals with autonomy and unprecedented opportunities.

What about my masternode now ?

You are free to migrate or move your excess to the cold vault process, but please read on your Masternodes still bring value but it needs your action soon.

Participating in DAO voting is extremely important. Very soon part as part of a near coming process is updating your masternodes this will reward you with  a specific tokenization rewarding you with a special DAO voting ability related to the Divi Foundation. The "Crypto Made Easy" concept of Divi aims to promote community-driven participation within the network's rules and encourage creativity. It's crucial to stay updated as there are exciting developments in progress. Get ready for the amazing offerings that are coming your way, as utility is key!

How do I start Staking Vault ?

If you're eager to deploy your Vault now, the process is straightforward and can be initiated from the newly added tab on the right side of your masternode tab. Here's a step-by-step guide to get you started:

With these simple steps, you can begin harnessing the power of Validator Vaults for staking and take part in securing and advancing the Divi ecosystem. And if you need further support, you can always get in touch with us by contacting our Support team here.

This article is part of a series of articles regarding the migration to Divi 3.0. It will be executed in steps over several weeks, allowing for a seamless and efficient transition process. We urge you to pay close attention to the forthcoming updates, as they will contain vital instructions for the migration. There will be a gamification element incorporated, so we encourage you all to stay engaged! This should make the process more engaging and a rewarding experience for all node owners and the Divi family. You can find the introduction article as well as the list of articles of the series on this link.