The foundation for a truly decentralized future.

Our rapidly changing world requires flexible financial products. Through our innovative technology, we’re building the future of finance.

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Divi. Your global currency


A currency for the future. Spend your money in seconds with near-zero fees and rapid transaction times. Total access to the Divi Ecosystem.


Putting your money to work. Using our Vault technology, earning returns on your crypto is safe and easy.


The Divi Blockchain is the perfect substrate for developers seeking to create accessible financial solutions for all. Get started today.

Unique Divi Capabilities

The Divi blockchain is a proof of stake (PoS) blockchain, radically enhanced to have features that are non-existent in other chains. The goal of the Divi Project is to make or continue to improve:

Specialized Smart Contracts
We're revolutionizing cryptocurrency development with pre-built, user-friendly smart contract-like abilities. No scripting language expertise is required to access and utilize these specialized smart contracts (SSCs). Dive into SSC development at your own pace and experience the future of cryptocurrency development with Divi's cutting-edge technology.
Cold Staking Vaults
Harness the security of Divi’s on-chain Validator Vaults, providing a unique and secure method to store and stake your funds separately from the validating server. It’s proof of stake without the compromise.
On-chain subscriptions
Subscriptions allow users to create and fund special accounts that can be spent only under certain conditions, such as a time lock.
Divi Accomplishments Timeline
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Divi Lite Paper

We are excited to announce our new Lite Paper, an essential document that outlines the significant enhancements to our blockchain ecosystem. With a relentless commitment to improving utility and security for Divi and its valued customers, the Lite Paper details our innovative approach to making Divi even more powerful and resilient.

Read the Divi Lite Paper
Getting the most out of your Divi

FinanceSend, Earn, Store Divi. Use Divi Wallet to store over 200 Cryptocurrencies, and participate in the on-chain weekly lottery.

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Governance Divi holders can vote on public proposals, helping guide the future of the Divi Foundation.

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