About us

Our mission is to accelerate the adoption of digital currencies. We’re building the financial solutions of the future, for everyone. We make crypto easy.

With the above in mind, our main focus right now is driving utility, and we see side chains as the answer to this. Listed below we have our future roadmap and the accompanying side chains elements. If you want to learn more, there are more details on this page, and we will also follow up with blogs over the coming weeks to help enhance your understanding of it.

Our Future Roadmap
Endless possibilities with Divi Side Chains and Smart Contracts
Why Side Chains?
Divi revolutionizes cryptocurrency development with pre-built, user-friendly smart contract-like abilities. No scripting language expertise is required to access and utilize these specialized smart contracts (SSCs). Dive into SSC development at your own pace and experience the future of cryptocurrency development with Divi's cutting-edge technology.
What are Side Chains?
Side Chains are purpose built and do not have any impact on the main chain, rather, they rely on it. Side Chains can process transactions faster without impacting the stability and strength of the consensus mechanism, they can host NFTs without bloating the main chain, they can offer a compatible environment for EVM smart contracts to be deployed on the Divi ecosystem or any other environment.

Side Chains will also allow more privacy oriented systems for businesses, providing all the benefits of blockchain without the inconvenience of having all transactions transparent but without losing reporting abilities. Divi with Side Chains can scale indefinitely or take any needed shape for the needs of the ecosystem expansion.
What will Divi Side Chains and Smart Contracts offer that is different from others?
Side chain implementation offers new capabilities to the crypto ecosystem. Since day one, Divi has built solutions that make crypto easier while protecting the user's sovereignty over their funds. Divi Side Chains and Smart Contracts will be another example of revolutionizing the industry.
Why would I be interested as a developer or a project?
This environment will offer new capabilities to the wider crypto ecosystem, changing the way people interact with Smart Contracts and Side Chains. Divi will offer an EVM compatible Side Chain. On this Side Chain you will be able deploy your ETH, POLYGON or any other EVM smart contract with only minor effort to benefit from the new feature Divi offers.

Divi will also offer a set of tools for developers to build their own Side Chains and their own Smart Contracts with only minor efforts like you can already see in crypto. The Divi main Chain, Side Chains and Smart Contract will become unavoidable in crypto.

This is a secure and innovative approach to permissionless innovation within a sidechain. With this technology, developers can create and execute innovative solutions within the sidechain, enhancing the overall utility of the ecosystem without compromising on security. An attractive option for those seeking a reliable and efficient solution for their cryptocurrency storage and financial transactions.