What is a Divi Foundation Partner?

March 20, 2024

What do they do, why do we need them, who they are, and how to become one?

What is a Divi Partner

A partner in the Divi galaxy is a company, organization, person, or group of people dedicating time/work towards developing solutions around the Divi blockchain, increasing Divi’s awareness, growing its brand, or anything that would make Divi bigger and better.

Why does Divi need Partners

As mentioned in the article What is the Divi Foundation, a blockchain ecosystem grows through the multiple actors building solutions around it and supporting it. It is critically different from a private company, where one individual's, or group of individual's, vision leads the company direction.

A blockchain starts with an initial vision set in the whitepaper, it then remains fixed as a contract between all participants. This leads to a solid and reliable infrastructure reflecting the choices made at creation, and it becomes a shared resource for everyone to build with, on or around.

Any change, evolution or progression from there, is either the result of a consensus funded through treasury, or the result of a partner, opening up a new path.

Partners are a core component of the blockchain industry. For Divi, they are private parties, often stakeholders of the Divi blockchain. They benefit from Divi growing in adoption and help make it happen.

Through private capital raise, volunteering and/or through seeking grants, the partners build viable and financially stable business solutions benefitting the Divi ecosystem and themselves.

We already have a few partners around Divi. But we need more!

Who are the current Divi Partners

Divi Labs (divilabs.io)

Divi Labs has been our main partner. It was created following a need to develop solutions for the Divi blockchain and raise private capital. It is a software development company led by Nick Saponaro, Divi Project’s Co-Founder. It specializes in business solutions leveraging blockchain technology. Divi Labs has done a lot for Divi over the years, with the main achievements being the deal with LaLiga, the largest football league by reach, and the DiviWallet mobile, a self-custody multicoin wallet allowing you to send, receive, buy and convert BTC, DIVI, ETH, LTC, and ERC20s.

Divi Labs will keep improving its existing products supporting Divi and will remain a key partner for future opportunities involving business solutions.

Divi Desktop Wallet Team            

The Desktop Team has been a Divi Foundation’s partner since its early days. It is a team of developers specialized in blockchain related softwares. They have been the team behind the desktop wallet development effort for most of the history of Divi. The Desktop Team will remain a critical actor of the future advancements of the Divi Desktop Wallet.

Dekryption Labs (dekryptionlabs.com)

Dekryption Labs is a software development company specializing in Web3 solutions. It is led by Joshua Caleb, Divi Labs CINO. Dekryption Labs developed the DiviDefi platform in collaboration with Divi labs. Dekryption Labs is planning to keep improving the platform and potentially come with other proposals in the future through the DAO process.

DiviGo (divigo.tech)

DiviGo is a multi-coin wallet service using text messaging technology to integrate with Whatsapp, Telegram and other popular instant messaging apps. It was created by a Divi community member James Encke a long term Divi supporter, who runs Encketechnlogies, a company offering software solutions for businesses. The roots of DiviGo started to accept $DIVI in an ice cream shop and with the acceptance and usage of the community, it grew from an sms service to being integrated in the most popular instant messaging apps today.

DiviGo keeps pushing updates and expanding its services with a recently developed web interface for DiviGo services.

Lightning Works (lightningworks.io)

LightningWorks is focused on storytelling and its goal is to become the Marvel of Web3.  They already launched their first video game, SiegeWorlds.com, with their proprietary HordeTek engine, and the world’s first real NFT comic book.  Their tech is designed to work directly within chat apps, and requires no new apps. Its advisory board includes the former head of licensing for Marvel, the former head of marketing for Cirque du Soleil, and a multiple Grammy Award winner. Among their many assets, they have a video game company, a cosplay girls team, 25 comics in production, partnerships, their own e-bank, and have already produced more than $1 million in value of digital collectibles.  DIVI, in multiple varieties, is already integrated into their tech stack, and their products can be purchased with a discount by paying with $DIVI.

The Side Chains will also offer opportunities to Lightning Works!

Games Interactive(gamesinteractive.co.uk)

Games Interactive is a Web3 games development studio. They are developing the P2E game Siege Worlds, a Web3 game in which strategic combat meets crypto-powered rewards. The game attracts challenging players to conquer hordes of monsters, forge legendary weapons, and trade their way to victory. Games Interactive integrated $DIVI in its game allowing everyone to earn $DIVI while having fun! Games Interactive is led by Jake O’Connor, the lead developer of the game.

GoBanq (gobanq.com)

GoBanq Ltd is a Costa Rica based e-bank with a full set of money transmitters licenses.  It can legally take custody for customers globally, and is set up to handle Divi on its main chain, as well as Polygon (pDIVI) and Ethereum (eDIVI).  In addition, it can create wallets for Bitcoin, Doge, Ethereum, and many other blockchains.  GoBanq is the custodial wallet provider partnered with DiviGo, LightningWorks, and Siege Worlds brands.

BoxWallet (github.com)

BoxWallet is developed by a passionate individual developer, during his spare time. Richard is a long term Divi supporter and user of the Divi CLI wallet. Passionate by development and with some spare time in front of him, he decided to develop BoxWallet, an easier CLI wallet with an interface for very low power hardware like Raspberry Pis and Intel NUCs. BoxWallet just submitted a proposal to the DAO which didn't win the vote but was still funded for the development of a web interface for BoxWallet. 

Today BoxWallet is used by many users and supports multiple coins including Divi. Richard is planning to add more features if there are any requests and support for it through the DAO.

How do I become a Divi Partner?

Are you a volunteer who wants to help the Divi Foundation?

The Divi Foundation can benefit a lot from community help, this is the way projects are built!

Please fill this form and let us know what you can help us with.

Are you a professional who has a win-win proposal for the Divi Foundation?

If you have your own funding and business plan, go ahead, you don’t need us for anything.

If you are partially or not funded, the best approach for you will be to submit a proposal to the DAO.

How to make a DAO proposal?

Currently the DAO website is still being developed, the process is manual and involves people, but you can use the default document you can find in the DAO channel in Discord and submit your proposal there.

Those proposals are then talked about for any changes or added information and they get submitted to community vote.

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