Listing DIVI on MEXC exchange

July 3, 2024

New DAO Proposal

Divi is thrilled to announce a new proposal aimed at expanding our reach and enhancing the accessibility of Divi tokens through a listing on MEXC, a renowned global cryptocurrency exchange. This strategic move is set to significantly boost Divi's visibility and trading volume, aligning with our broader mission of creating a more decentralized and user-empowered financial ecosystem.

You can find a Divi Updates segment about exchanges listing here

Why List on MEXC?

MEXC is a prominent cryptocurrency exchange known for its robust trading infrastructure, wide user base, and strong global presence. Listing Divi on MEXC will provide several key benefits:

Goals of the MEXC Listing

The primary objective of listing Divi on MEXC is to enhance the token’s market presence and facilitate easier access for a broader audience. This listing will:

Budget and Funding

The total funding required for the listing is $144,000, broken down as follows:

Benefits to the Divi Community

Listing on MEXC is more than just an addition to our exchange portfolio; it is a strategic move to elevate Divi’s market position. The benefits include:

Next Steps

Upon funding, the listing process will commence immediately, with an expected timeline of 2 months. The Divi team is committed to ensuring a smooth and successful listing experience.

Call to Action

We invite all community members to support this significant step in Divi’s growth journey. Contributions can be made through the ongoing DAO initiatives on the Divi DAO Efforts platform. For any questions or feedback, please tag @niegz in our Discord channel.

This proposal to list Divi on MEXC represents a pivotal moment in our mission to enhance accessibility and liquidity for Divi tokens. By supporting this initiative, you are contributing to the broader goal of making Divi a more prominent and widely recognized cryptocurrency.

Learn more about Divi and get involved by visiting our Divi DAO Efforts page.