Divi Updates - Episode 2 Summary

May 24, 2024

Multi-Billion Dollar Divi Side Chains use cases, ETFs, Halving & Divi DAO

This new youtube video features hosts Niegz, The Voice and Rob discussing various aspects of the Divi blockchain. Key topics include the implications of Bitcoin ETFs, the role of the Divi Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), and the anticipated impact of the upcoming (at the time) halving event. The hosts are optimistic about the potential for ETFs to provide easier access to Bitcoin for traditional investors, which could influence market dynamics. They discuss their enthusiasm for the upcoming developments of the Divi blockchain and relate them to various blockchain markets.

Market update

In this section the hosts discuss various topics including the upcoming halving, Divi's use cases, and the impact of Bitcoin Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) on the market. Niegz talks about the reported potential for ETFs to help avoid the consolidation phase and potentially lead to a quicker rise to new all-time highs. Rob agrees, adding that ETFs provide easier access to Bitcoin for investors who may not want to deal directly with crypto, and the buying and selling of Bitcoin by ETFs could influence the market. There is general agreement that the ETF could, in fact lead to more volatility in the market due to the ease at which ETF customers can get in and get out of their positions. This leads to the discussion about how ETFs are orthogonal to traditional crypto values due to their custodial nature, but they still help legitimize bitcoin as a legitimate asset class.

The hosts then have some fun regarding the Bitcoin Halving event. They discuss some of the, often bizarre, misconceptions around the Halving, what it is, and what it means. Some time is also spent on the historical response of Bitcoins price post-halving. The hosts describe some of the multiple characteristics around when we might see the rise in bitcoin’s price. They also seriously caution relying on so-called influencers and news media as they often don’t even understand the economics, history, and mechanics of bitcoin, blockchain or its market.

More DAO

The hosts then moved on to a different topic, the Divi DAO. The hosts discuss the history of the DAO from a year ago, and the compromises that had to take place to enable it. In particular, the need to do everything on Ethereum with an Ethereum based Divi token. Our efforts there just lead to more utility for Ethereum. However the Snapshot voting system let the community craft a new governance system that models the way it was originally intended to work with masternodes.

The host highlighted that the transition to getting a Divi-native DAO in place will take time and costs. Thus the hosts next talk about funding efforts. They discuss a new website that Rob put together called the DiviDAO efforts page. Users can go there and fund the different efforts they wish to see deployed, much in the same way that funding was raised for the market making that keeps the Divi coin active on Kucoin. 

Right now all the grant funding goes toward making sure the wallets stay active and can be downloaded, utilized and improved. The hosts mention how communities get together to do fun things with their projects like Dogwifhat raised money for the Vegas Dome, and how in the past in Divi the community raised funds for kids to get bikes in South Africa and Venezuelan communities could get food in their economy. 

The funding efforts page is just an organizational tool until we have a native DAO website that can incorporate proposing, voting, discussion, and funding. The hosts suggest that the efforts page can be utilized in the future for project funding, market making, creating a Divi DAO ecommerce, and other things.

Divi Side Chains

Discussion then moves to Side Chains as this is the next most important aspect for the future of the Divi blockchain. The hosts explain how Divi Side Chains are the key to unlock all blockchain utility for Divi in a new way that is truly trustless (unlike all other side chains models), and doesn’t rely on custodianship to attain utility. The exciting part of Divi Side Chains is that anyone running a Divi node, will be able to also point their computer resources to running Side Chain nodes and get revenue from that also.

Later, the hosts talk about how Side Chains will simplify and lower the cost of the overall blockchain experience. One example was brought up, describing the Infura service, and how every multicoin light wallet in the market must pay them, or one of their competitors, to get access to node to be able to make transactions on various blockchains. This large market could be serviced by a Divi sidechain far more cost effectively. Other important markets that can be improved by side chain implementation are also discussed, such as decentralized solution finding like Folding @home and Seti @home, as well as AI and storage solutions.


Finally, the hosts express their excitement about all of this, and other upcoming developments in the Divi ecosystem. The hosts plead with the community to get involved by asking questions, giving feedback, making suggestions, contributing, and collaborating to do new things with Divi on the videos, twitter or any other medium. Generally acting as inspiration for other people to also get involved. They mention a future Twitter/X Spaces where questions will be answered, and ideas will be disseminated, once there are enough of them.

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0:02:53 Market Outlook, ETF's
0:11:33 Market Outlook, Halving
0:16:10 Influencers and Other News Media
0:19:32 DAO, Proposals
0:29:03 DAO Store
0:30:44 Divi Side Chains Generalities
0:37:00 Divi Side Chains Use Cases - DEX
0:38:39 Divi Side Chains Use Cases - Decentralized Cloud Services
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