Divi 3.0 migration is complete!

October 25, 2023

Let’s look into how it went

Divi migration to core version 3.0.0 can be considered complete!

Migration debrief

The old Divi blockchain with versions previous to 3.0.0 is now stalled, and only the 3.0.0 version has emerged alive and healthy.

The network was planned to undergo a significant change with the deprecation of masternodes on August 23, 2023, around 12:00:00 PM UTC. This momentous event marked the fork's official timestamp.

The official recipient is at 12:18 UTC on block 2580193, Validator DTdKRf7n3YsaRXCk2pJWDVdrCeoF98E3nA stood out as the first to benefit from the new consensus, registering a win just 18 minutes after the fork. At 12:18 UTC, they secured block 2580193, a testament to the advantages enjoyed by those who upgraded in anticipation. This specific block, marked by its inaugural 747 Divi value, captures the pivotal moment when the first user reaped the rewards of their timely migration.

It wasn't the first fork for Divi and we did acquire experience over the years. In order for the migration to go as smoothly as possible, we made sure to inform everyone through all the different channels and we also provided information and support to partners when required.

The migration went perfectly, a large majority of users updated on time, partners were all updated on time and there was no major disturbance in the network or services our partners provide.

Forks however take a long time to settle. It is a normal process during which a new set of rules is agreed upon with peers. As some users are less active in the monitoring of their wallet and news channels, they can miss the time to update their validator. Those validators will remain on the older version until they are updated, broadcasting their version of the history. The other peers will ban them and they will end up stopping due to isolation and inability to receive/validate blocks with peers. Reaching 90%+ adoption within 7 weeks is especially commendable.

New rewards

New reward value and frequency are now active. Rewards for stakers are 664 Divi per rewards and RoR, based on latest calculations, is around 18%. However, it is important to acknowledge the complexity to evaluate properly due to the mechanic previously detailed on the article Divi 3.0: Impact on rate of return 

New average difficulty

On the Divi blockchain, the difficulty is reflective of the participation of the supply actively staking. As our blockchain is targeting a 60s block time, it adjusts the difficulty based on participation.

A higher difficulty means a larger part of the supply is used to secure the blockchain, its a testament of the decentralization and security. Before the migration to 3.0.0, the average daily difficulty was around 30k, after migration we are closer to 50K daily average difficulty

Source: https://chainz.cryptoid.info/divi/#!overview


In blockchain, due to the consensus protocol, a validator could submit a valid block that is not validated by its peers. It is called an orphan. Orphan blocks, rooted in Satoshi's blockchain vision, emerge when blocks are mined concurrently but aren't recognized in the final blockchain. They are a result of the beneficial competition to strengthen the blockchain, their prevalence can diminish by emphasizing the proof of work metric.

In the past, masternodes, with their final say, inadvertently increased orphan rates due to debates and governance issues. The fewer orphans a blockchain has, the more stable it is. Since migration, while our orphan rate has never been a particular issue, it has dropped by half to less than 10/day average since the migration.

Source: https://chainz.cryptoid.info/divi/orphans.dws - Fork event represented with the red dot

Immortal NFTs

NFT timeline

In order to make sure those NFTs are compatible with the DAO, they will not be distributed before the DAO is live. Due to the market conditions it doesn’t seem urgent to mint them now and potentially incur more fees if we have to generate a new collection due to the DAO setup.

NFT winners (addresses)

We have received and validated 127 submissions for NFTs. Only one failed to enter a valid ERC20 address and we will send them an email.

The list of winning addresses can be found here

Vote for best name on DAO for 40k Divi

Out of the 127 submissions, we selected 10 of the best names and you can vote for your favorite in the DAO proposal for the winner of the 40,000 DIVI.

  1. byebye
  2. correct_Answer_is_42
  3. End of Days Node
  4. End of era
  5. Keep_calm_and_stake
  6. NodeLongerAvailable
  7. NovusOrdoStakeclorum
  8. please-not-the-old-folks-home
  9. solong_MN_Thanks_for_all_the_fish
  10. The Last Dance

NFT design winner

There was a series of DAO votes and one of them was for the design of the Immortal Voting NFT.  The winner was Capt Nemo from our community with this Fancy Submission. This will be what the Immortal Voting NFT will look like when used in the Divi DAO.

What's next?

We just published our new litepaper for the next Divi chapter, it provides more details on our next milestones to Divi 4.0 and the Side Chains adventure.

This article is concluding the series of articles regarding the migration to Divi 3.0. It was executed in steps over several weeks, allowing for a seamless and efficient transition process. You can find the introduction article as well as the list of articles of the series on this link.