Divi Foundation: Next Steps

March 19, 2024

What’s the plan?

Let’s put it clearly, Divi is not known enough!

The Divi Foundation must focus on reaching more people, through its communication and the improvement of its offering and online presence. 

The “build and they will come” mindset of Divi’s past won’t suffice going forward. Divi’s online presence should promote the blockchain, its unique offerings, the $DIVI coin usage, and the partners building the Divi ecosystem. This will be the first radical change.

Media Plan


To reflect the realities mentioned in the previous article, the communication of the Divi Foundation will now be focussed primarily on reaching more people everywhere. The online presence will be promoting the Divi blockchain, its unique offerings, the $DIVI coin usage, and its partners building the Divi galaxy.


We believe a blockchain project should be alive and it should show online.

Among the changes will be a daily online presence, with diverse content going from bi-weekly long form video/audio updates, mid-length video/audio segments, shorts, multiple posts highlighting our products, a bi-weekly contest with $DIVI to win, a bi-weekly newsletter and news article and many learning articles. 

We also want to give more character to the Divi profile on social media, allowing it to connect more with the industry.

Other marketing efforts achieved or in progress

Divi Blockchain

Lightweight, Staking Vaults

The Divi blockchain is unique. It offers solutions not found in Bitcoin, Ethereum or any other alternative!

Its lightweight core makes it accessible to everyone, the one-click deployment system allows less tech-savvy people to still broadcast and validate transactions themselves, securing the blockchain and earning reward sovereignly, true to the vision of Satoshi Nakamoto. 

A system run and secured by its users, without intermediaries.

Side Chains

As previously mentioned, the Side Chains will be developed through a partner. Like Divi Labs, the new partner is not the Divi Foundation. The partner is currently raising funds for a major system expansion, with the aim of changing the way services happen on blockchain. Their unique technology, while open source, is not publicly revealed yet, which limits our ability to talk too much about technical details or use cases before they are ready.

Our tight relationship with this new partner, as their primary blockchain partner for launching their technology, will bring a lot of attention to us, and greatly benefit the Divi blockchain ecosystem. This technology does not exist in any other blockchain today, and it is critical for the progression of not only Divi but the entire crypto space.

This is the next major milestone for the Divi blockchain. Significant work is still required on the Divi blockchain to welcome those changes, which will be the road to Divi 4.0 when the Divi core is ready to work with Side Chains. Check our Litepaper here.

Business Development

Another main way to reach more people is to grow our presence where we are, and increase the places Divi can be seen and acquired and connect with other projects.
This means keeping all of the platforms that Divi appears on up to date and active. Aggregators, exchanges, social platforms, calendars, etc.

While the descriptions and communication are part of the Media Strategy, increasing our presence on existing exchanges and reaching more will require more funding. This is where the DAO topic is critical for the transition to a more decentralized governance.


The DAO is a way for the Divi Foundation to open some of its governance to the holders of $DIVI. The Divi DAO is still in its infancy. After a few votes for the setup of the DAO, the first successful DAO operation was to raise funds to pay for Market Making services for a year on the Kucoin exchange.

Why did we have to raise money? Why is the Divi Foundation not able to pay for this?

This is a very important part. The Divi Foundation receives the treasury block once a week. It's currently ~1.37M $DIVI, and it decreases every year at the Divi blockchain anniversary with the global reward reduction of 100 $DIVI per block, until the total created per block reaches 250 $DIVI.

At the current rate when writing this article, this is $3140/week, or $13600/month annualized.

The blockchain runs because validators are running a node. This doesn't need any funding.

To support and improve the current products however, provide liquidity on exchanges, pay for marketing, professional people to answer in chats and on social media, content preparation, etc. The foundation needs a minimal budget to keep those operations running.

While we will progressively move towards more transparency in the treasury allocation, the transition and organization of this is still ongoing. The critical point is that the current valuation of the treasury block is barely enough to pay for the maintenance and support of the current products.

The Divi Foundation also has to ensure funds for the critical maintenance and operations costs are preserved for all the market phases.

This situation is entirely reliant on the valuation of the Divi block reward and treasury management.
While the Divi Foundation benefitted and will still benefit from partners building around it, it is responsible for its own sustainability. In order to remain afloat, prioritization, and in some situations community participation, will be required.

The DAO Proposal model

The DAO works with a proposal and voting model. Anyone, following some minor conditions, can make a proposal.

Those proposals can be about software development, but it's not limited to that. Everything can be submitted as a proposal to the DAO: marketing operations, exchange listing, website redesign, assets creation, improvements of the DeFi platform, web wallet development. Anything can be proposed, and the quality, value and potentially reputation of the submitter will help the community vote for what they want to support.

When the treasury has funds to allocate, it will support part of, or the entire required funding for the proposal. It is the standard model. However, when the treasury has limited funds to support those proposals, they will require community support if we want those proposals to progress forward.

The DAO website is not yet live and it will have a lot more improvements coming even after it is released, but the DAO is the future of how Divi moves forward! Jump on the Divi train and become a partner!

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