Divi Updates - Episode #1 Summary

April 13, 2024

Summary of Episode 1 published April 8th 2024

The Divi Blockchain and the Revolution of Services on Blockchain

New model

In the premiere episode of Divi Updates, the hosts TheVoice, Neigz and Rob start the first segment (A new updates model - 0:00:00) by introducing a revamped format aimed at delivering concise, digestible updates on Divi's blockchain advancements in bi-weekly. This approach not only keeps the community in the loop but also respects their time by allowing them to tune into specific segments of interest. It's a thoughtful evolution from the traditional format, ensuring viewers remain engaged and informed.

New people

The hosts, Rob, Neigz and The Voice, then follow up in the next segment by introducing themselves (Who are we? - 0:04:43)  as well as their vision (What is our role? - 0:12:49) for their role in the Divi Project. In those two segments the hosts go in detail about their vision for Divi Foundation and the role they intend to fulfill moving forward.

The Divi DAO

Rob opens the next segment (Divi DAO - 0:18:34) delving into the ongoing development of a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) that promises to streamline the voting process, a critical aspect often bogged down by cumbersome mechanisms on platforms like Ethereum. The shift towards a more integrated, Divi-centric DAO represents a leap towards simplifying user engagement in governance, removes the requirement to own Ethereum based Divi and associated costs as well as using your validator nodes to express standing in the DAO. This segment also covers the alpha website initiative—a project funded by community contributions that aims to replace the existing Snapshot system with an on-chain voting mechanism. This move not only decentralizes governance further but also marks a step away from Ethereum, highlighting Divi’s journey towards self-sufficiency. You can also read this article to learn more about the temporary platform to collect funds and list active initiatives

Code Quality in blockchain

Rob, TheVoice and Niegz then go on to discuss the quality of the codebases in the blockchain industry and in open source projects more broadly, taking Divi as their example but highlighting the similarities with the rest of the industry (Blockchain Code and Divi's Beginnings - 0:28:24). This section highlights many limitations leading to poor overall code quality in open source projects and focuses on the particulars of blockchain. The poor quality of Bitcoin, the inheritance through multiple forks, and the need to move forward fast despite the technical challenges are identified as the main reasons.

The team then opens on Divi’s approach to tackle those challenges. They talk about RandomString, Divi’s lead blockchain engineer since 2019, having set the path from Divi beginning to our latest version Divi 3.0, published last August. Rob, TheVoice and Niegz go into detail about his journey through Divi 3.0 (Divi's Unique Achievements Leading to Divi 3.0 - 0:38:42), the choices to make and the opportunities it opened like Divi Staking Vaults or Divi Subscriptions. You can find an in depth article written by RandomString about this topic on this link

The hosts then compare the results with the rest of the industry and highlight how Divi blockchain is the best answer to today’s challenges (Why is Divi a Good Alternative Today? - 0:50:24). Having one of the best codebases in the industry, enhanced security and enhanced efficiency and always prioritizing easy access through its lightweight core and one-click trustless solutions like the Divi Staking Vaults. Their conclusion is Divi is a great alternative today and the only one offering this set of features ensuring the users remain fully sovereign, without intermediaries.

Existing Side Chains models Vs. Divi Side Chains

The next segment changes direction and opens the Side Chains chapter. This section is dedicated to the current offerings in place to address interoperability and scaling on blockchain (Existing Side Chain Models and Interoperability - 1:03:54). The hosts highlight the limitations of those systems namely interoperability relying on trust-minimized options like multisig smart contracts, or oracles/relayers networks as well as closed ecosystems like Cosmos and all-in-one systems like ETH EVM. 

In Divi Side Chains Basics ( - 1:14:12), Rob, TheVoice and Niegz highlight the groundbreaking differences of the Divi Side Chains model compared to other alternatives. At the center is, of course,  the ability to connect blockchains together trustlessly. The team explains what makes Divi Side Chains the best model for all crypto moving forward through its model of services on multi-assets Side Chains.


The hosts then complete the video (Closing - 1:33:48) with a few closing statements including a special thanks to RandomString for the critical work achieved and the revolutionary tech he brought to us.

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