Win 40,000 DIVI

July 10, 2023

Use the best name for your deployment and get 40,000 DIVI

In the last few days we have seen many users taking part in the challenge to get an immortal voting NFT for the Divi DAO.

Some of those masternodes owners have demonstrated creativity with their masternodes names linking them to the NFT event. This is why we decided to create a competition within this event.

The 10 best names will be selected by us, and the best name will be voted through the DAO.

Here are a some of the names already in you will be competing against:

Make sure you do not miss the deadline for masternode deployment/redeployment!
Have fun and thank you for supporting the Divi network!

This article is part of a series of articles regarding the migration to Divi 3.0. It will be executed in steps over several weeks, allowing for a seamless and efficient transition process. We urge you to pay close attention to the forthcoming updates, as they will contain vital instructions for the migration. There will be a gamification element incorporated, so we encourage you all to stay engaged! This should make the process more engaging and a rewarding experience for all node owners and the Divi family. You can find the introduction article as well as the list of articles of the series on this link.