Divi Updates - Episode #3 Summary

June 2, 2024

DAO Side Chain, Validator Market Place & Market Update

Feedback, BTC Post-Halving and influencers predictions  (watch)

The hosts start this episode with BTC not meeting the “pump” expectations set by influencers post-halving. Despite the overwhelming amount of predictions from influencers, BTC is still in sideways/consolidation after Halving. The hosts share their expectation of more of this before the new hype cycle. Influencers are not reliable sources of information.

Transaction Fees Reach a New Top, the Side Chain Solution (watch)

Daily average transaction fees for BTC reached a new top with Runes and Ordinals. The hosts approached the topic of the scaling limitations on single blockchain. 

BTC and ETH, the most popular blockchains currently, are used as an example. The marginal share of the overall economy and the fees skyrocketing are pointed as a clear barrier to scale. 

Rob, TheVoice and Niegz take the opportunity to talk about the Divi Side Chains solution, entirely addressing this issue and many others, as the optimal architecture design for blockchain scaling. 

Samourai Wallet DOJ Case, Privacy and Anonymity (watch)

Samourai Wallet Founder has been arrested by the DOJ. Samourai wallet was offering mixing services and complete anonymity as well as advertising their service for unlawful transactions and publicly targeting a criminal audience. 

The three hosts provide their insight on the situation. Privacy is critical and anonymity can be very important and justified. Unfortunately regulators are extremely sensitive to those technologies, supposedly for their facilitation of unlawful transactions.

A comparison is made on the alleged percentage of fraud the Samourai Wallet team is accused of having processed and the percentage of fraud estimated in the FIAT system. The trio highlights the fact that Samourai Wallet, a totally unregulated service, is within estimated to have processed about 5% of fraudulent transactions, a percentage similar to the highly regulated fiat system.

The hosts then talk about the differences between privacy and anonymity delineating the benefits and risks associated with each.

Finally, TheVoice then talks about the critical differences between the most common blockchain models in the context of privacy, UTXO and Accounts. He also explains why the UTXO model is highly advantaged in this area.

Desktop Wallet Now (watch)

The Divi Desktop wallet is at the center of the next segment. After reminding the reason for the lack of focus on the desktop wallet required for the DiviWallet mobile development, the hosts go briefly on what makes the desktop wallet a great and unique offering. 

Its full node capabilities allow a lot more control and an easier development process. The lightweight footprint, as a full node, and its one-click deployment system make the Divi Desktop wallet unique in this industry. 

Desktop Wallet Next (watch)

The team then talks about the next step for the desktop wallet. Those features are highlighted as next in line. A new tier for vault (Diamond) and a price reduction on all existing Staking Vault tier. An improvement on the synchronization process with the addition of an optional local backup, a new multi wallet option and multisig functionalities. 

Desktop Wallet Long term (watch)

Advanced Validator Vaults & Side Chains Marketplace  (watch)

In a longer term, they also approach what can be expected in the future. After mentioning a complete redesign of the Desktop wallet, the hosts announced a groundbreaking feature improvement on Staking Vaults called Advanced Validator Vaults. Those Vaults will have the ability to stake Divi but also support Side Chains with transaction validation, opening multiple earning options for validators. The Side Chains will open a large market and offer another new feature in the desktop wallet, a Side Chains marketplace. Users will be able to browse, compare and select which Side Chains they want to support with their node resources, based on performance, utility and other parameters and install the side chain in one click.

Side Chain Use Case : DAO (watch)

As often the hosts end this episode on a Side Chain use case. This time the use case is a Side Chain DAO. After mentioning the struggle projects go through to start a DAO platform and the available tools, they propose a multi-assets Side Chain offering DAO service to all supported chains.

Questions, feedback (watch)

The hosts end the episode on a lighter tone and remind everyone to ask questions and share their feedback on Youtube and Twitter/X or on the dedicated feedback form.

Watch the full episode

0:00:12 Intro
0:00:49 BTC Post Halving and News Outlook
0:03:53 Fees Average for Transactions
0:05:35 Blockchain Scaling
0:06:27 Side Chain Scaling
0:08:52 It's About Utility
0:10:51 Samourai Accusations
0:12:18 Fiat vs. Crypto
0:13:34 Privacy vs Anonymity
0:21:53 UTXO vs Accounts
0:24:14 Mixing Side Chain
0:29:00 Divi Desktop Wallet
0:32:25 Full Node - Reference Client
0:40:55 Desktop Wallet Next Steps
0:49:15 Desktop Long Term
0:51:05 Advanced Staking Vault
0:52:08 Imagine More Opportunities
0:58:03 DAO Side Chain
1:02:05 Future is Side Chains
1:14:42 Closing and Fun